About the Office

After an extensive initial evaluation with Dr. Lehrhoff, the psychiatrist may order blood tests, or additional medical diagnostic tests in order to rule out physical illnesses that may be presenting as mental illness.  Psychiatrists tend to use a combination of psychotherapy and medication to treat the mental illness.

What makes this practice unique?

In this practice, each patient is seen as a unique individual and treatment is constructed to fit one’s specific needs.  Dr. Lehrhoff works with the mindset that medication is a great tool, but may not be efficient as stand-alone treatment or necessary for everyone.  Dr. Lehrhoff practices with a full systems approach, meaning that she uses a wide-range of treatment modalities to guide patients towards feeling their best.

Some of the methods in addition to medication management include:

life coaching
energy work
nutritional guidance
life style management
and more.

Every individual is provided a safe space to work through any challenge they may be facing or utilize the sessions to enhance and maintain peace in their life.  Some of the more common reasons people schedule an appointment with Dr. Lehrhoff are:

Evaluations for mental health issues and concerns
Medication management for psychiatric diagnosis such as
Depression, Anxiety
Sleep challenges
Attention deficit disorders
Adjustment disorders
Anger Management
Sexual dysfunction
Relationship struggles
Eating disorders
Major life changes
feeling ‘stuck’

In addition doctor Lehrhoff works with both individuals and couples on relationships and sex therapy.  Doctor Lehrhoff will see patients of most ages starting at 15 years and up.

This practice understands the importance of a private safe space for individuals to express themselves while working through conflicts.  Confidentiality is imperative to treatment and therefore, this practice follows HIPPA regulations and ethical standards related to patient care.

What to expect?

When calling to set up an appointment, a brief phone assessment will help determine if the services required can be offered.

If for some reasons those services are unavailable, a referral will be given to other service providers or treatment centers.

Prior to your first appointment:

Gathering any previous psychiatric or psychological evaluations, lab report data, recent blood work results, and court or other documents will help Dr. Lehrhoff initiate the best possible treatment plan that fits your individual needs. Please bring paper copies of any relevant history to your first session or fax them to 973-200-4720.

Payment: Out of Network Service Provider

Dr. Sari Lehrhoff is an out of network service provider.  The fee structure will be discussed prior to your first session and you will be given notice in advance of any increase in fee.  You will be responsible for paying a fee for services rendered at the time of treatment.

Payment can be made by check, cash, or all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).