Physician Testimonials

Dr. Syed Amad Amanulla

I have known Dr. Lehrhoff since the beginning of her residency when we started the journey together. From day one she has always had a positive attitude and gives encouragement to patients and colleagues alike. She has always been able to help others not only through her medical expertise but through her compassion and inspirational personality. It is no surprise that all her patients love her and find themselves life long followers of her teachings.

Dr. Sheri Ravenscroft

Dr. Lehrhoff is the most compassionate, caring, and dedicated psychiatrist that I have worked with both in training and as an attending. She treats her patients using both evidence based allopathic medicine and functional medicine principles that allow her to care for her patients in a way that is unique to each individual. Many times she is the last resort for patients that have failed conventional treatments and have nowhere else to turn. Dr. Lehrhoff recognizes the unique strengths of each patient and masterfully crafts a treatment plan that enables them make changes in their life that previously seemed unattainable. She continues to expand her knowledge in multiple areas so that she can offer such diverse and comprehensive care. It is no wonder that she has earned the trust and adoration of both her patients and her colleagues.

Dr. Brendan P. McCollum

As a fellow psychiatrist, I am happy to say I have known Dr. Sari Lehrhoff for over 6 years. I know Dr. Lehrhoff as a colleague, as a mentor and in general as a singular rare soul who touches the lives of all those around her. Nowadays, it is all too rare to find a psychiatrist who can truly “do it all”. Dr Lehrhoff provides not only medication management, but an accomplished style of psychotherapy and treatment modalities that address the core needs of her patients in a safe, warm and comfortable environment. It is no surprise that in this era of quick medication management visits, that Dr. Lehrhoff’s approach has earned her not only a great reputation, but also a legion of dedicated and satisfied patients.

Meredith Strauss, LCSW, MSW, RYT

I love working with Dr. Lehrhoff. Her innovative and holistic approach is unique to psychiatry.

Dr. John Paul Tutela

Dr Lehrhoff is one of the most compassionate doctors I know. She is inquisitive and insightful, and is always available to her patients.

Patient Reviews


Dr. Lehrhoff is one of the most compassionate non judgmental people i have ever met and is fantastic at what she does. i truly felt safe discussing my problems with her.

Shira N.

I can say honestly and with total confidence that you will never find someone as down to earth, understanding, devoted and qualified as Dr. Lehrhoff. She is, simply put, the entire package. I feel so, so fortunate to have her in my life and I would recommend and promote her until my face turns blue (it’s gotten close) because I feel so strongly about getting people the right kind of help. Dr. Lehrhoff is the answer you’ve been looking for and you don’t have to keep searching and suffering.


My appointment went very smoothly. Dr. Lehrhoff is an extremely intelligent, compassionate, and genuine human being. She is worth every dollar I paid. I highly recommend her. She will actually take the time to listen and work with you in a very efficient and adaptable manner. She seems to thoroughly enjoy what she does which is important. I actually look forward to going back to see her unlike most other doctors I’ve seen! Overall great experience.

Jonathan C.

Amazing alternative psychiatrist with super-human holistic abilities!


Dr. Lehrhoff was wonderful..i truly wish i had met her years ago; it would have saved me lots of wasted time and money who feed into your diagnosis. She listens attentively, offers straight forward perspectives and gets right to the issue.


Amazing doctor! Down to earth, understanding, non judgmental!


My daughter loves Dr L.

Beth R.

Dr. Sari is a not like any other doctor! She has helped me get back on my feet through some very tough times. She is kind, patient and gains an instant trust with her patients. And, I love all of the alternative therapies she provides. I cannot recommend her enough.