Our Services

Dr. Sari Lehrhoff provides diagnostic evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy, alternative treatment methods for a range of psychiatric disorders:


Anxiety Disorders

Bipolar Disorders

Adult/Young Adult  ADHD


Relationship issues

Sexual Issues and disorders

Couples therapy

Gender identity issues

Sleep disorders

Trauma and Abuse Issues

Eating disorders

Stress Management

Young adult psychiatric Issues

In addition to obvious mental health difficulties, life challenges such as family/relationship issues, change in work/health/community, death of a loved one, parenting struggles and any major life transition or unresolved conflicts can be one of the many reasons to meet with a psychiatrist.


Psychiatric Evaluation ……. $550

For new patients:

This is usually about 1 hour and 30 minutes of a relaxed, confidential, ‘get to know you’ session. You may take your shoes off, sit or lie down, gaze at the fiery image, choose crystals to hold, grab magnets to keep your hands busy, sip your tea, eat your snack all while sharing your history, and goals moving forward with your mental health. This is where you will have a chance to share both present and past challenges, medical and family history, as well as learn about some different approaches to personalize your wellness plan. A script for a functional blood work panel may be given if that’s something you are interested in, scripts for medication if that is agreed upon, and an intro to supplement use. Life coaching strategies, planning ahead, and guidance for following up will conclude the evaluation (must be at least 15 years of age).

Psychiatric Coaching: ……. $550

For new clients

This is usually about 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes the same beautiful setting as an evaluation. This session is ideal for someone who already has a psychiatrist or is looking to find a future psychiatrist in network, but would like to invest in some coaching to feel empowered in their future care. If you are wondering how to speak to another physician and take a more active role in your treatment plan, this is a wonderful session to learn ways to keep a healthy rapport with your psychiatrist, while asking for what you’d like. This also give plenty of coaching on what you can do outside the doctor’s office to manage your mental health between visits with your doctor. These discussions include, but are not limited to: Medication possibilities, Functional nutrition, restoring mineral imbalances, supplementation, environmental improvements, life coaching and lifestyle tools. Please note, clients who choose this option have priority option to become future patients when spots open up or attend the medication clinics each month. This is also a great option for parents whose children are too young to be patients, but are looking for tools so they can better support their children who may be struggling (must be at least 15 years of age).

Psychiatric Follow-up:  1-hour 25min…….$699 ; 55 Minutes…….$500 ; 25 Minutes……. $250

For returning patients

(Note: if you have surpassed a year since your last office visit, an hour follow-up is required for an updated evaluation). These sessions may include: Medication management, blood work review, functional psychiatry with supplement management, review of systems, lifestyle or life coaching, sex therapy, and more. Patients are welcome to bring family, significant others, or friends. Pets are welcome too, but needs advanced notice for proper scheduling.

Evolve Coaching: 55 Minutes: ($500); 25 Minutes: ($250)

Phone, video session, or in-person

New or old clients

These sessions are conducted with the understanding that medical advice will not be given and the methods used are functional or life coaching based. These sessions tend to be inspirational, empowering with an ‘ask anything,’ mentality. Safe space, encouraging words and topics than can range from evolving family, relationships, difficult connections, divorce, sexual road blocks, work challenges, life transitions, grief, loss, new life, career changes, people porcupines, life mastery tools and so much more.

Group Coaching within 50 miles of Short Hills: $1111

Offices, schools, yoga studios, fitness centers, retreats, etc.

Included, but not limited to: Leading, workshops and speaking engagements

Private Coaching not including travel: 3 hours ($1600); 6 hours: ($3000); 8 hours ($4200)

If you are interested in a private weekend of coaching with Dr. Lehrhoff, please email for an application and pricing.

If you are interested in Dr. Lehrhoff doing a workshop near you, please send an email to Sarilehrhoffmd@gmail.com with the subject: workshop request

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