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  • Bipolar Awakenings – Resources for finding meaning and healing from bipolar disorder.
  • Beyond Meds – A resource for patients and doctors looking for help with recovery from medication treatment.
  • Inner Compass Initiative (ICI) – Resource for people coming off of psychiatric medications.
  • Inner Fire – A holistic residential healing center for psychiatric medication withdrawal.
  • Integrative Mental Health for You – Educational resource for psychology, energy medicine, and spiritual emergence.
  • Know Your Drugs – A global awareness campaign that advocates for informed consent.
  • Mad in America – A forum for concerned citizens, physicians, and activists interested in cultivating new models of mental health care.
  • – An encylopedia of medication-induced Homicides.
  • Rxisk  – Dr. David Healy, psychiatrist, working to bring awareness to medication dangers.
  • Toxic Psychiatry – Dr. Peter Breggin exposes the dangers of the psychiatric model.
  • Will Hall – Support and resources for medication taper and withdrawal.
  • Alcohol Addiction – Support and resources for alcohol addiction.

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