Meet the Doc


Dr. Lehrhoff works with the mindset that medication is a great tool, but may not be efficient as stand-alone treatment for everyone. Some patients come to Dr. Lehrhoff to ween off of their medications, while others prefer to continue in her non-judgmental presence . Dr. Lehrhoff practices with a full systems approach, meaning that she uses a wide-range of treatment modalities to guide patients towards feeling their best. If you are looking for a doctor who offers medication management, therapy, life coaching, functional medicine (psych-focused), coaching, nutrition guidance, sex therapy, and yoga all in one, then look no further.
Dr. Sari Lehrhoff provides diagnostic evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy, alternative treatment methods for a range of disorders such as : Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Adult/Young Adult ADHD, Relationship issues, Sexual Issues and disorders, Gender identity issues, Sleep disorders, Eating disorders & Stress Management.
In this practice, each patient is seen as a unique individual and treatment is constructed to fit one’s specific needs. Some of the methods in addition to medication management include: therapy, life coaching, functional blood work consultation, lifestyle management, meditation, yoga, nutritional guidance, Elimination food plan, and more.